Helping people and brands to shine


Who we are

We are a boutique Melbourne-based marketing and communications consultancy helping people and brands to shine. We deliver creative communication solutions, uncover new marketing opportunities – and help bring these to life. We work with leading Australian and global brands of all shapes and sizes. We choose to work with great people who are passionate about doing interesting things to make the world a better place.



How we’ll work with you



We’ll help you to clearly identify your brand, know your strengths, points of difference, why people will choose you and what you can emphasize to make you stand out to your ideal clients and connections.


From Step 1, we’ll help you determine your key markets, ideal clients, and a deep understanding of them.  We’ll then help you to get your voice right and communicate in a way so the right people will want to listen. 


Knowing yourself and your voice - we help you to choose the right channels and ways to get your message out, clearly, effectively - with impact and results.


The magic of creating connections


Pearl team

Sally Armstrong

Sally loves to create communication solutions that help people, businesses and brands to shine. She’s skilled at uncovering new marketing opportunities - and bringing these to life and uncovering new ways for people and brands to benefit commercially.

Owning and operating two successful consultancies over 15 years, Sally has delivered powerful communications solutions for leading Australian and global brands across a wide range of industries.

She’s held exciting roles as a: marketer, manager, director, trainer and coach in Australia, Asia, South Africa and North America.  She’s skilled at delivering communications across cultures.

Sally’s qualifications span PR, Media, Communications, Education and Business Management. She’s experienced working with leading public and private sector organisations and brands. Sally is a member of the PRIA and MEAA.


Emilia Rossi
Social Media and Communications

Emilia is a dedicated and passionate communicator. Who does everything possible to ensure the clients she works with are represented to their fullest potential online. Her specialties are working on marketing strategies for digital, business, fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Working across a broad range of brands and cultures, Emilia has delivered impressive marketing strategies for clients ranging from retail and fashion, through to large-scale events, entertainment and government.

Emilia has a BA in design and numerous marketing and social media certificates and accreditations. In her spare time Emilia is an avid blogger and designer of high-end jewellery.

Holly Clark
Media and Marketing

Holly is a great writer and gifted communicator within the Pearl team. She has great interest in health education campaigns and promoting positive messaging through media and marketing campaigns.

Holly has worked in ambassador engagement and media liaison for campaigns within start-ups, education, media and film, the arts and community sectors. Holly is passionate about writing and bringing great stories to new audiences.

She has a Bachelor and Masters in Communications from RMIT University.




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